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  • Easy and fast operation: This auto hair curler adopts a one-button curling design to suit people of all ages with or without experience! No skill is required, you only need one press of the button and hold it for a while, then you can have charming wavy hair in 6-12s.


  • Various temperature & safety reminders: This upgraded automatic hair curler curling Iron has been designed with 4 different temperature settings, from 325°F to 430°F, Includes The fast heating spin Iron pre-set temperatures: Low 325°F for Fine Hair, Medium 390°F for Medium Hair, and High 410°F for Coarse Hair. 6s auto Heat-Up curling timers, as well as curling direction (left and right), allow to forming of perfect loose or tight curls easily, saving a lot of time.



  • Anti-scalding & anti-tangling: The automatic hair curler is built-in a smart magnetic induction motor, which will stop work to prevent the hair from being tangled and pulled if curls too much hair or works incorrectly. Note: Please switch the direction of rotation to release your hair if tangled. Compared with traditional hair curling iron, our double insulation design protects your face and hands from getting scalded.



    • Extended power cord & intelligent protection: The ceramic rotating curler with a 6s timing design, creates different curly hair, with 30 seconds of rapid heating, suitable for all hair types. There is no need to worry about a dead battery because we specially design a 1.8m swivel power cord for this hair curler. The curling wand with dual voltage (100-230V) is convenient for travel. And this auto-curling iron will automatically shut off for safety after 60 minutes of inactivity ( in case you forget to unplug it).

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